Saturday 3 September 2011

Law of Attraction Diary - Day 11 and 12

I haven’t had the opportunity to upload my diary the last two days, so I will be posting both of them today…….so you get a Double Bill so to speak!
Well, the last two days have been a bit hard to cope with and as such it is possibly better that I am only posting the diary entries today. I have been trying to cope with the negative influences that hang over me and have been trying to understand how I could have attracted these. Are these perhaps the attractions from my past, or are they instantaneous manifestations to my mood and emotions?
The question arises “Was it the egg or the chicken?” I feel that my mood and emotions are direct results of the influences, but perhaps the influences are surrounding me because in my inner thoughts I was telling myself that I didn’t want to have to deal with those kind of people, so maybe I created the issues at hand because I asked for them?
Hmmmm, these revelations are always a bit to chew through, but they do guide you on to the right path to manifest only the things you want.
As I have been working with the Law, I have come to notice how things manifest from the smallest, simplest thoughts, and as always the thoughts always have had emotion attached to them.
Just like the thought I had about not wanting to be surrounded by negative people and/or situations, it had an attachment of absolute dread which is closely related to fear on the frequency scale, so all in all not a good vibration to give out!
Ok, so now I have more tools to help me move forward. A good meditation session and a relaxing weekend should put things back into perspective!

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