Saturday 17 September 2011

Law of Attraction Diary - Day 25 and 26

Well, I had a rather enjoyable day yesterday which is odd considering I had to go through to the embassy for some documents. Then again it depends which embassy and a first world embassy was such a nice change, so organised and to the point!

All in all the last two days have been good, I haven’t done any focuasing on my intent, but have rather been working on keeping dark and uninportant thoughts at bay, and/or stopping them in their tracks.

I managed to finish my jerseys that I have been workining on and they turned out quite nicely so that gave me a wonderful feeling of success.

The goal for me is to fill my day with many small successes and to go to bed feeling as if I have had a really successful day. I managed to have one of those yesterday and am working on ending today in the same way. 

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