Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Law of Attraction Diary - Day 30

What an intensive 30 days this has been. I set out on what I thought would be an easy experiment, and it turned out to be an adventure of note! I started off by deciding to focus on things I wanted to manifest through this month, but after the first week the diary no longer seemed to be about what I can manifest with the Law of Attraction but rather how I react to the whole idea of the law and it turned out to become a very internal experience.

Through these 30 days I have learnt so much about myself, my reactions to my environment, my reactions to my own thoughts and emotions, and have gained mountain loads of insight to who I really am.

That was the weirdest part; I thought I knew who I was and where my shortcomings lay. I thought I was this person whose glass is always half-full and that I am always focusing on the positives in life. Ok, I must admit, I do believe that I try to find the positive in each situation, but I wasn’t aware how my little whining sessions where I complain about the parts of my life that disturb me have such a huge impact on what I pull towards myself.

I feel that through this experience I have been able to understand the law a little more, and have understood that it is necessary for me to be totally focused on what I want to achieve, to not waiver from the thought for a moment, not in an emotional way at least. To keep myself in the firm belief that what I want is definitely on its way. To be grateful about everything, and to feel grateful about everything.

To round things off, how did I go accomplishing the goals I set out to accomplish?

Well: ADSL: I still can’t seem to focus on pulling the internet into my home, I guess it will materialize why at some later point.
Products: I sold 8 of the 10 which is an amazing success!
Unexpected income: I eventually made around R1000 unexpected income which is fantastic.

Let’s not forget, I eventually was so busy with all my other experiences through the month that I lost focus on what I was managing to manifest, imagine had that not happened, where would I be standing then?

I would like to thank all of you for your support through this experience. 

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