Tuesday 13 September 2011

Law of Attraction Diary - Day 22

Today I want to touch on the subject of gratitude. I know I have mentioned it in previous diary entries, but I just want to emphasize the important role it plays when getting into the "ZONE" :-D

By constantly pulling yourself into a feeling of gratitude, you cannot go wrong on the emotional level. When you FEEL thankful you will find yourself on the right frequency to allow more things into your life that you can be thankful about.

I have been reviewing my life and my experiences I have been through so far and there are countless things that I can be grateful for. The things that stand out for me are: having the wonderful opportunity to go overseas and live there for so many years, it offered me different outlook on life, how to approach things from a different angle. Whilst I was there I was offered numerous opportunities to try out different occupations, live in different areas, appreciate long- lasting friendships and more.

My dear husband and my beautiful children who give me joy each and every day, and the rich friendships I have found whilst living back in South Africa. How can one not be grateful with such a rich life?

So my tip for today is when you aren't in the right place to manifest things that you are wanting (remember we are manifesting all the time, every thought that is connected to emotion manifests) try counting all the things you can be grateful for. But the trick is not to just count them down, but to re-experience each of the experiences as if it just happened, and to feel every grateful moment.

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