Monday 12 September 2011

Law of Attraction Diary - Day 20 and 21

After finding out, how quickly I can manifest things into my reality by a simple thought attached to an emotion, I have spent yesterday and today, no so much monitoring my thoughts, as paying attention to which kind of thoughts I offer the most emotion to.

If they are thoughts that have been attached to the emotion of fear, or a negative frequency, I have stopped the thought right in its' tracks and replaced it with a thought that is pretty neutral or has the attachment of joy, happiness, love and the likes thereof.

I guess since I have been working with the law of attraction I have kind of been watching what I think, but after last weeks' lesson, obviously not well enough. 

I thought I was a positive thinker, but I also have my whiney sessions and have taken it upon myself to no longer go there, to change my thoughts completely and to truly embrace the feeling of living in gratitude!

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