Tuesday 6 September 2011

Law of Attraction Diary - Day 15

Today is one of those days again. The kind of day where you can feel the shift happening in mankind. It makes me nervous, sometimes in a good way, but you can definitely feel the confusion, frustration and anxiety. Does anybody else feel it?

I know this has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction, but I did feel I should mention it.....keeps me sane :-D

Last night I held my Vaccine talk at a childbirth group, I am always aware how I  shock the poor parents-to-be, but I would have appreciated it, had someone informed me about these poisons before I had given birth, we grew up not even knowing there was a negative side to vaccines, it was just simply something that was done!

So anyway, I feel that I was successful at my talk. I want to get the message across, and if only one person starts to ask questions, which they did, i feel that it was worth it. Lets' face it, it is healthy and important, because it makes them stronger parents, and all parents know how easy it is to be manipulated after the birth of your first child, that "Conscience Card" that gets pulled on us whenever and where ever people think they need to force us into making a decision that is "Better" (convenient for them) for our child.

To cut a long story a bit shorter, I went home feeling successful and that counts loads when contemplating how to bring the manifestation of your wants and desires into your life by focusing on the small successes we create!

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