Tuesday 20 September 2011

Law of Attraction Diary - Day 29

The second last day of my diary and I find myself reflecting on what I have experienced thus far.

Today, I am feeling, calm, relaxed and full of life. I am finding sleep a little difficult at the moment and my mind does not want to come to peace at all!

I am focusing on all the things I love about my life and looking forward to more of those occurring as they make me feel great.

I am so grateful to my loving family, who support me no matter what. They often just shake their heads and smile when I come up with new wacky schemes and ideas that I want to run with. I can always be sure that they are on the bandstand to cheer me on in my latest whim, and to pick me up when it maybe doesn’t go according to plan!

My wonderful friends who walk beside me on my path, always motivating, never criticizing, how rich my life is!

It is such a wonderful feeling when at the end of another hectic day, you can look back and feel loved and cared for, I wish that for all of you out there!

Till tomorrow


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