Monday 5 November 2012

A Little Waldorf....

This weekend was my girls' Schools Bazaar. I loved it, the Steiner School is something so very special. Everything about the school is wonderful, the atmosphere, the people and the crafts.
All the children helped out at their various stands and hubby and I helped out at the Jam and Herb store.
Doesn't it all look sooooooo yummy?

I also wanted to show you the bag that I have created for myself to use. It was a trial bag and didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I still like it :)

Have a great Monday 


  1. I love the Steiner Bazar. What ever the Steiners do is so beautiful. I taught two years at Steiner school in Kreuzlingen and I loved the atmosphere. I love their schedule and curriculum and their way of painting and acting.

    I found the people very complicated and not well organized, therefore very demanding. Every Wednesday and Friday I had to organzie the kitchen before I could start teaching. But I still believe that my son Linus would have been happy at Steiner school. :-)

  2. Feel free to have fun. I nominated you to
    I know the second time but You come sey Hi :-)


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