Monday 19 November 2012

Secret Santa Reveals :)

Welcome Secret Santas, and thank you so much for taking part in my first Secret Santa Handmade Swap. I have had so much fun creating and gifting, I hope you did too

It has been so much fun, that I will be making this an annual thing!

Below I have added a Linky for you to showcase all your gifts.

I would feel very honoured if you showed us all what you received so that we can ooh and ahh about all the gorgeous gifts that have gone around the world.

Just link your post up below.

I can't wait to visit all your links and I hope you will do to.

I look forward to seeing some of you again for next years Secret Santa Swap.

Wishing you a wonderful Festive Season.



  1. I'm about to get the package ready to France. ;-)

    1. Super Regula, thanks for taking part, can't wait to see what you sent and get given :)
      Have a super day.

  2. Mine should be on the way too. i think a big envelope to Switzerland shouldn't take long. :-)

    1. Super Katharina,
      Thanks for letting me know.
      Have a great day.


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