Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Working Wednesday

Hubby and mom-in-law have birthday today and so I am busy baking and running around a bit more than usual so this will be a very quick update today :D

Let me move right on to todays' WIP pic.

See the yummy bit of purple? Well, that is mom-in-laws' birthday pressie. I whipped up a wonderful shawl for her over the weekend, in another amazing ball of Drops Verdi. I will show you the FO on Friday, it turned out so nicely that Kay said if MIL didn't want it she would take it LOL!!

With the rest of the yarn I am making Kay a simple cowl. I am hoping I will have enough this time round, as the shawl is 2.10m in width and used up most of the yarn, if not I will have to purchase another ball......oh what a sacrifice (hee hee) ;) I already have another project planned should this be the case!

As you can see the pink ball of loveliness hasn't grown much, but now that the school bazaar is over and shawl is knit, I can pick up and knit some more on Jas's Perfectly Pink Sweater. Although......I have another huge queue of UFO's as well as want-to knit projects! If only I could split myself in 2, imagine how much more I could achieve!

Finally after putting Game of Thrones on permanent stand-by - Enough is Enough! (eventually read up to chapter 56 of 70 something) I have started on two new books - unfortunately not on my "Fall into Reading List" but will be reading them instead of the Game of Thrones Series!:

"Putzen" by Linda Thomas - Strangely enough this book is written by a South African woman who came to Switzerland. The parallels of our lives are quite uncanny thus far. Quite a good read. 
I haven't been able to find an english title of this book for you :( But if you can read german a good book!

I have also fetched the book "Regenbogenland" by Elsa Joubert, who also is a South African Author. The original book is written in Afrikaans, so it is a bit limited reader-wise. The english title is "Isobelle's Journey" and it is available through second hand stores.

Don't forget tomorrow is "Tutorial Thursday" here on Marigolds' Loft, I do hope you will be popping past and sharing. I will be showing you how to create a quick and easy festive gift with these goodies:

How are all the Secret Santas out there progressing? 
Would love to hear from you...
I will be sharing this over at Tami and Ginny.
See you tomorrow.


  1. How fun that your mother in law and husband share a birthday. Your gift is so pretty and
    I bet she loves it.

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Yes, it must have been quite a special birthday gift all those years ago ;)
      Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. I'm sure your MIL is going to love her present, It looks so soft and the colour is wonderful.
    Almost finished my secret santa, just a few 'details' left to do.

    1. Hi Emma,
      Ooooh so exciting, can't wait till the reveal :)
      Thanks so much for visiting, have a super Wednesday.

  3. The yarn looks so soft and cozy, I'm sure your MIL loved it! Happy Birthday to her and the hubby!

  4. That looks like a cosy project! I have loads of UFOs hanging around, too.

  5. that is a lovely bunch of cozy colorfulness. i just love when a project turns out well. i hope your MIL loves the shawl.

  6. beautiful colors, i'm sure they will love their handmade gifts from you, happy birthday!

  7. Must be so nice to be able to create something so special and personal for a gift :)) Love it!

    Happy WW :)

  8. Secret Santa is doing well. ;-)

  9. If they share a birthday, do they share a cake?
    Lovely purple yarn :)

  10. Purple perfection! I hope your MIL loves her new shawl! I think it looks pretty wonderful.

  11. Thank you to all of you who left replies, I am not available today and as such can not leave each of you a comment, but I appreciate each and every one of your visits.
    Have a super Thursday,
    Until next week


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