Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tips on How-To Punch Holes for Filofax without a 6-Hole Punch

I have seen many posts on how to punch paper to fit a Filofax without a Filofax Punch, and so I wanted to offer you all another suggestion.

These are the options I can offer you:

The first option is to buy a cheaper 6 hole punch :) 

They are available and about 75% cheaper.

Secondly, if that is also not an option, and you happen to have a regular Revolver Hole Punch at home - you know the thingy you use to make new holes in belts, then you are sorted :) 

This is the way I used to make holes in my pages for the longest time until I managed to find a reasonably priced 6-hole punch, and this is how you do it.....

You will need:

An old magazine
A Revolver Hole Punch
Your Filofax's "Today" Ruler

Size up your paper so that it will fit into your Filofax.

Place a couple of pages together on top of the magazine (The hole punch needs a bit of thickness to punch easily, otherwise it tends to crumple the sheets should you do them one sheet at a time).

Line the "Today" Ruler up with the side of the page.

Find a hole size on the punch that fits snugly into the holes on the ruler.

Hold everything steady, it isn't as hard as it sounds, and punch away.

There you go, hope that helps some of you out there :)

Here is a video I created for you to see how I do it....

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