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Tutorial Thursdays - Thankful Book Project

Welcome to the 7th Tutorial Thursdays on Marigolds' Loft.

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1. Christmas Duct Tape Coasters by Crystal from Make it Easy Crafts - a quick and simple way to add some festive decor to the table.
2. Santa Christmas Countdown by Ali at Crafty WI Mama - Super cute PDF downloadable advent calendar.
3. Nightstand Turned 18" Doll Closet Tutorial by Diana at Diana Rambles - This is a wonderful way to recycle a nightstand into something fun and unique, love it, if only my girls were younger......

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Are you ready for an amazing BlogSwap Tutorial today?

Hope so, coz it's coming your way :)

This week I swapped Blogs for the day with Natalie from Hungry Hippie. She will be showing us how to create the gorgeous "Thankful Book" below and I am over on her blog today showing you how to create this Festive Storm Lantern so do head on over there once you have seen her super cool project to check it out :).


So without further ado........DRUMROLL PLEASE........

The Thankful Book project
By Hungryhippie

Find more projects on

I try to include my toddlers as often as possible in my crafty sewing works. This project came from a fusion of having them help me sew & craft, and talking about things we are grateful for. We need reminders in life that even when times are tough, there is a LOT to be thankful about. So here is our project we humbly share with you, hoping you have as much fun making it as we did.

  1. Start by collecting pieces of fabric. I used old jeans for two of the pages, I love the look of old denim as well as the frugalness of using up old things. All six pieces of the fabrics need to be cut to the dimensions listed.
All measurements are in inches (Sorry to my metric friends, I don’t know metric well enough.)

2. Cut twelve pieces of batting/padding at 7” squares.

3. Press all the pieces of fabric in half to form a crease line for the spine of the book.

Now talk to your kids or think about what you could put into your book as “things to be thankful for”...

4. Get out your Cricut if you have one and let’s make some templates for our shapes. If you don’t have a cutting machine you can draw them out (like I did the T-Rex) or print of some pics online and trace around them. Make it work. ;) 

5. After removing the cut templates from the Cricut, pin them to a piece of fabric or felt and cut out the shapes.

6. Find your nearest fusible web (heat n Bond Lite works great) and cut out the shapes again. You can omit some labor by cutting these out along with the fabric pieces, but I found the felt would shift too much, so I cut them separately.

7. Iron the shape to the book fabric piece with the fusible webbing underneath the shape. *So fabric of page/webbing/shape. Press.

8.Place a piece of batting in the center of the back side of a page. Pin. Whilst sewing the appliqué on the front side, you will be attaching the batting at the same time. Take care not to bunch it in back, check every few turns.

8. Sew the appliqué on the front with whatever stitch you prefer. I used a straight stitch for a cleaner look.

9. Check alignment before proceeding to the others.

10. Gather some bits of chalk cloth (easily bought from fabric stores online and local like Joann Fabrics and Cut these bits to roughly 3”x1.5” depending on aesthetics.

11. Place onto each page (don’t pin it, just hold it in place) and sew on with a tight zigzag or a satin stitch.

12. See how your kids can then write on it? Awesome. It will be a learning tool on so many levels. 

13. Once all the chalk cloth pieces are on their pages, layer two pages together with the wrong sides facing. The right sides are facing out. Pin. Sew around the perimeter at ½” seam.

14. Layer ALL the pages together now. Remember that crease we made when we folded the fabrics in half? We will sew down that crease line now to make the “spine” of our book. I used a straight stitch, but a zigzag would work well too.

15. Take the sharpest scissors you own and clip each page as shown. This will fray up once washed and dried to give LOTS of lovely texture.

16. Wash and dry that book. Once at least.

The more it’s washed the more it will fray up. I just love this look. The chalk cloth is fine, wash on cold to be safe.
Enjoy your newly made book, sure to be a family heirloom.

THANKS so much for having me over, Natalie B @Marigold’s Loft.

I hope you’ll stop by in the future for more fun makes. See you soon friends!

Hi I'm Natalie. Welcome to my blog-giddy blog where I share sewing projects, crafty makes, life moments, and a bit of the things in between. I'm a mom right now, relishing this time at home with my kids. It was a big step for me to decide to take time off work, but I am so glad I did!  I believe in sharing, caring, and lots of crafty daring. If you fancy popping me an email, go on already. :)  Hope to see you around hungryhippie land soon. 


Thank you so much Natalie for sharing this AWESOME tutorial with us all. 

It was a fantabulous BlogSwap, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Nightstand Doll Closet! I'm going to grab the feature button. The book feature above is so cute! Makes me wish I still had a little one at home. Have a great day.


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