Monday 18 March 2013

Book Review - The Dovekeepers

the dovekeepers

ISBN: 9780857205421

A great read!

This is an amazing story of strength, courage and the ability to move forward through life no matter the odds.

The beginning of the book left me in two minds as to my feeling about this title, but once I had reached "Revka's Story" I was totally captivated.

A heart wrenching story about the brutality of war, the loyalty of the early believers to their leaders and faith, and the incredible strength of four different women to go their own way in a time when that was unacceptable.
The selflessness of these women was inspiring, and did leave me shedding a tear or two.

Set in the time of ancient Israel, we definitely get a good feel for the time and struggle these people had to deal with.

I give this book:

5 Owls
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