Thursday 21 March 2013

Tutorial Thursdays

Hi all,
I must apologize, today I am a little under the weather and haven't been able to get anything ready for you.
Here are some of my tutorials from the last couple of years that may be helpful or interesting to you.

Egg candles

colouring eggs

I would like to thank all of you who joined in last week.
I haven't had a chance to get around to visiting all of your links unfortunately, but I would like to applaud all of your hard work. The links look fantastic and I will visit all of last weeks links as soon as I am back to my usual self :)

Here are the stats from last week:

The most visited links from last week were:

DIY Heart Wall Art by Joanne @Creative Mess

Bassinet/Dresser Combination Redo by Crystelle @Crystelle Boutique

Well-done ladies and thank you for sharing these amazing Crafts.

I have pinned your crafts on the PinBoard and added them to the Tutorial Thursday Album on my Facebook Page :)

You will also be featured in this weeks Newsletter

(If you have a Facebook Page or account, I would very much appreciate a share :))

Don't forget to grab your button if you haven't done so already :)

Please feel free to link up your crafts below.

They do not have to be tutorials, I would love to see any crafts.

I understand that the point of linking at a party is to gain exposure and share your goodies, but please stay a while and visit some of the other links available. 

I love hosting the Linky Party, but it would be so much more fun for everyone, if all of you, would take a couple of minutes to visit at least 2 other links below. 
We all appreciate visitors and comments, so please be so kind and do so.

Rules for the Linky Party:
  • Be a Follower of Marigolds' Loft, this is not a MUST, but I would appreciate it :)
  • Grab my button below and showcase it somewhere on your blog OR create a visible link.
  • Do not Link if you are selling something. 
  • Be sure to only link the relevant Blogpost and not your whole blog.
  • Please be so kind and visit at least 2 other posts linked below, it is always nice to receive visitors, this is a linky party after all! :)
  • In linking below you are giving me the permission to use of your image if it is being featured the following week. If I am unable to use your image I can unfortunately not feature you.
  • Please do not link up stuff you have already linked up before!
  • Please note: I will remove content that does not abide by the rules mentioned above. 
Marigolds' Loft


  1. sorry you are feeling under the weather! Please rest and let other people take care of yourself, OK? Thank you so much for hosting the party...seems like I was the first guest, yeayy!!! Blessings and Get well soon!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Thank you for featuring my project. I hope you are feeling better.

    Joanne @ Creative Mess

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Natalie :-( Thanks for hosting!

  5. Sorry your not feeling well!! Hope you rest up and feel better soon :)
    Thanks for hosting even though your under the weather :)

  6. Hi
    I hope that you feel better soon
    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Thanks for hosting! Get well soon :-)

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough

  8. Thank you lovely people for the wonderful Get well wishes, I am feeling loads better, it must be thanks to all of you :D


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