Wednesday 20 March 2013

WIP Wednesdays - Stash Update

I am really late this morning, sorry about that, and I am still on the run.
I wanted to quickly update my WIP Progress for this week so let's get straight on with it.
drops alaska

As you may see the blue Socks are no longer part of the image as they have been completed. I will share that project with you on Friday - Another finished Stash-buster - Woohoo!
The Fingerless Gloves for Hubby are growing well. I have finished the first mitt and will be starting the next one this afternoon :)

See the wonderful purple Alaska in the image?

Well that is planned for the next Stash-Busting Project - Another pair of the same socks I have been busy with as of late, but for Kay.


As you can see the stash drawer is emptying slowly, there is even a hole where yarn used to be :D
The intimidating bit is that the yarn left behind is planned for jerseys - So I can see what I will be making in the near future :O
The orange Square is where Kays' wool was living up until this morning!

Reading Wise: I am Reading "The Woman who stayed in Bed for a Year" by Sue Townsend.
So far I am enjoying the read, is quite easy and my progress is quite fast. 

I am wanting to start the first of our Bookclub Book 3 selections next week, can't wait, will you be joining us?

Anyway, must run, I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.
I hope to see you tomorrow for Tutorial Thursdays.
Until Then
Am sharing with Tamis and Ginny today.


  1. Love to see your projects, so I will be back. The purple yarn looks really pretty.

  2. that purple yarn is fab! can't wait to see how the project turns out. :)

  3. I need a stash-buster challenge too... A great idea!!

  4. You're so well disciplined! I'm trying to get my stashes in order so I can use them more effectively. It's really a shame I haven't gotten myself organized sooner.

  5. Great to hear about your progress...Looking forward to the photos of your project on Friday...


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