Friday 16 August 2013

Book Review - The Liberty Tree

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ISBN: 978-0857899415

I haven't read too many memoirs in my time, but after this title I am considering keeping my eyes pealed for anything that may look as interesting as this title was!

This book is an amazing feat of bravery and honesty.

I felt like I had been given the privilege to get a glimpse into a life that I otherwise would never have touched upon. Ms. Harrington takes an amazingly gutsy approach at leaving behind a memoir for her children about their dad who takes his own life.

The title travels down her own rocky road filled with drugs and alcohol, admitting to her children things that most parents would keep under lock and key - truly inspiring!

No life is straightforward, even those that seem simple and carefree, and the author manages to tell her story in all honesty, but in such a way that the readers can relate, regardless which kind of rocky or smooth youth one comes from.

I found this book to be one of those titles that I had to pry out of own my hands and put down so that I could eventually get some sleep, as I just wanted to know, regardless of the tragic circumstances that take place in the book, that all will have a happy end.

I would warmly recommend this book to any parenting adults (who think their struggles are mountain-high) as well as adults without children.

The title allowed me to respect the fact that we all have our own burdens to carry, whether they be self-inflicted or not, and solving those issues takes great strength and courage. It also gave me a sense of pride in my own family life, to know that it could be so different, how lucky we are to be this unique family unit, enjoying each others time and company, a home filled with love.

I give this book:

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  1. Sadly this kind of 'Liberty' is too close for comfort.. I'm glad you have the courage to enjoy it for what it is.. a gift from the heart of experience..

    family life.. so sad when reality does not match .. not expectations exactly.. not dreams.. more when you notice that the people you wish to love do not understand love the way you give it..

    and memories of being a drift.. are echoed.. and the pain is still there..

    thankfully those moments pass and a more deeply measured JOY becomes our own.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Yes, it was a very "Real" story and I appreciate being able to see this kind of Life from the inside.
      Thanks for visiting.


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