Sunday 4 August 2013

Let me Sverve You some Blogging Tips


Are you a part of the amazing community of bloggers and brands on Sverve yet?

I have been part of Sverve for a while now and I love it there. 
Not only do I get to network with other great bloggers and connect with brands that I love, but I also have the opportunity to sign up for some great campaigns to earn myself some extra income which is awesome.

Becoming a member of Sverve is really easy.
Once you have signed up you will need to choose 5 categories (Areas of influence) that fit your niche and topics you have to share.

You can follow other bloggers who share some amazing posts in your areas of interest and endorse them if you find their tips and tricks helpful and interesting.

This is how my leaderboard looks on Sverve:

sverve leaderboard

 Let me take you through the various sections and explain them to you:

 First up: In the top area of the screen you will find these boxes of info:

sverve how-to


Here you will find all the useful content pertaining to the areas of influence that you follow, as well as other areas that you can visit.

Your Dashboard Info 

  • Messages  
  • Campaigns - where you will find new available campaign information 
  • Notifications - where you will find info about who is following you and who has endorsed you
  • About - where you can find help, FAQ, scoring etc..

The Sverve Bookmarklet

This nifty little bookmarker can be pulled and placed on your bookmark bar, allowing you to share tips and tricks with the click of a mouse :)

sverve endorsements

Next  you can see the info that pertains directly to you and your shared posts.

My Endorsements
In this field you will see all the endorsements you have received in your areas of influence. 
At the top in the righthand corner, you will see yourself aswell as your overall score.
This score will be influenced by your social, blog and sverve scores.

sverve following
In the main area of your leaderboard, you will find your following - influencers that you follow.
If you click on each of the topics you see there you will be taken to a new screen...
sverve influencers

There you can go to the original post by clicking on the image you see there, like the post, add to your favourites, and endorse and/or follow the influencer. You can also share these posts via Facebook, Twitter, Email or share the link.

I am still "New" and am working on my field of influence, but enjoying getting there :) I find Sverve quite addictive and it is really great to visit as I know I am going to find topics that have good content and are great reads, filled with tips and tricks that I can use. 

Since I have been part of Sverve, I have been able to take part in campaigns that I otherwise would not have known about, and for this I am so grateful!

The wonderful people behind Sverve are incredibly helpful and friendly, which just makes visiting so much more enriching!

If you are looking for a place to connect to peers as well as brands, I can only warmly recommend making a visit to Sverve - it will definitely be worth it!

Check out Sverve today, you will be glad you did!

Once you have signed up, I would love it if you visit and endorse me, I will do the same for you :)

I am linking this post up to this week's Social Media / Blogging Linky Party (If you have tips to share, share them here :)


  1. Thanks for the info on SVERVE. I've been trying to figure it out without a lot of luck.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I am glad if I could help. During the course of next week I will post another post explaining a little more :)
      If you have any questions that you need definite answers to fire away I will try to answer them for you.
      Thanks for visiting.


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