Thursday 15 August 2013

Instant Gratification! - Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party

Blopen bag DIY craft tutorial

Don't you love those crafts that can offer you that instant gratification of a job well done?
Today I am going to show you how to make this easy bag in a couple of minutes.
Don't believe me? - watch the video :)

Here is the craft broken down into simple photo-sized steps.

For this Craft you will need:
A bag
DekoPointers* (I use these to give the finishing touches to my project)

* I am a distributor of Gonis Craft Products and use them exclusively for my crafting. If you cannot find these products in your vicinity you will have to substitute them - hence the descriptions in brackets.

DIY bag Handmade

blopen craft bag diy

Photo-tutorial blopens

handmade bag tutorial DIY craft

And now for the fun part :)

Would you like to win yourself this goody bag?

Giveaway win crafts DIY

Yes? Oh good :)

To find out what is exactly in the goody bag please watch this quick video  - yes, I know it is another video, but I have to show you how cool the goodies are, otherwise they don't blow your mind as they do when you watch them in action! ;)

Good Luck to each and every one of you.

To grab your chances please fill out the Rafflecopter below.

Please be aware that all entries will be confirmed.

This Giveaway will run until 1000 entries (or 30 Days are up, whichever comes first :) has been reached, so tell your friends - the more the merrier :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now it is your turn - Link your crafts below!

Rules for todays' Craft Linky Party:
  • Firstly, your link must be craft related
  • Please do not link up goodies which are on other topics. I have a  Sunday Linky Party for Social Media/Blogging Tips and Tricks, if you would like to link up your tips and tricks on this topic you can link them there :)
  • Grab my button below and showcase it somewhere on your blog OR create a visible link.
  • Do not Link if you are selling or advertising something. 
  • Be sure to only link the relevant Blogpost and not your whole blog.
  • In linking below you are giving me the permission to use of your image if it is being featured the following week. If I am unable to use your image I can unfortunately not feature you.
  • Please do not link up stuff you have already linked up before!
  • Please note: I will remove content that does not abide by the rules mentioned above. 

See you next week


  1. Thank you for hosting!! That little bag is so cute!! Who would have thought that blow pens could do that!! lol

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone

  2. I visit Marigold's Loft to SMILE!!
    YES!! JOY happens HERE!!

  3. I love to visit to see what kinds of fun things you are making.

  4. I visit Marigold's to see what wonderful things you are making :-) (crochet addictuk)

  5. I just discovered your site & came to check out these neat pens.

  6. I came over from a giveaway hop and stayed to check things out!

  7. I visit because I love crafts!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. I love that it inspires me to do craft projects.


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