Wednesday 28 August 2013

Where has the time gone!

WIP Wednesday

Oh my, can you believe that we are already almost in September?
September - ooh it has so many good things for you all in store don't miss it :)

I don't have a stash update for you all today as this project is not completed yet, hopefully next month!

On to this week's progress:

The first sleeve is growing, as it goes with all my projects knitted for myself apparently, I had to rip back 10cm of work and redo it as the patterning was completely wrong - URGH!!

sleeve knitting

I have now come back to where I was and am moving forward, hoping that I will make good progress with sleeve 2 by next week so that I can start to focus on the finish line!

Do you have the same problems when you knit something for yourself?

I am seriously starting to wonder if it is a phenomenon to be considered or if, because I am knitting it for myself, I become very picky about the work as I will ultimately be wearing my trademark? 

I guess being a knitter (my "Knit in Public" reputation precedes me) most of my friends will ask if I knit what I am wearing. If I say yes, they move in for a closer look, and I really don't want to start to get uncomfortable as I see that awful YO gone wrong leering at me from the corner of my elbow, know what I mean?

Anywhoo, the next project is just around the corner and it should be smooth sailing as it is not for me LOL!! :)

Did you miss the Knitting Madness Event last Friday?

No worries you can catch up on the edited version of the Hangout HERE

I will be sharing this post, as always with my lovely Wednesday Ladies :)
Have a good one!

P.S. I still have a couple of openings for my FREE Button Swap that takes place each month. If you want to swap buttons with me let me know :) 

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  1. The is just beautiful- the pattern and color way are so lovely.

    1. Hi fjord girl,
      Thank you so much, it is a really lovely pattern to knit and it does grow quite quickly especially if you are not having to rip it out once a week LOL ;)

  2. just gorgeous....and yes I agree with you...I am always more of a perfectionist on my own knits!!

    1. Hi Alisa,
      Thank you kindly, I am so glad to hear other people have the same issues :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. It is very beautiful Natalie ;-) the colour is very wonderful.
    I agree with you also, I check my knitting again and again just to be sure that there aint now flaws.

  4. I am a perfectionist whether for me or for someone else. Lovely yarn you are knitting with :)

  5. The pattern is lovely. Great yarn/pattern pairing.
    I mainly knit socks for myself, so folks don't tend to examine them as closely. :)

  6. So frustrating! Maybe it's because other people can't see the mistakes but * we * know they're there. Can't wear something when that's in the back of our minds!

  7. This is a very interesting pattern, I love the lacy structure. I am always very picky about my knitting and often unravel and redo. There are things that if I count all the redoing, I've actually knit at least twice, until finished.


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