Tuesday 13 August 2013

Books.....and Reading

I am almost finished "The Liberty Tree"   which I am really enjoying!

I should be done reading this title tomorrow or on Thursday, and just in time too :)

I am so excited for Friday - Why do you ask?

Well, because it will be the first live video Hangout of the "Turning the Pages" Book Club.

I can't wait to meet some other avid readers and people from all over the globe joining in this event :)

There is still place and if you are interested all you need to do is have a Google+ Profile, vote for a book at this link, and join us on Friday for the first meet and greet session.

Bring yourself a snack and some refreshment and enjoy our Book-Club from the comfort of your own home!!!

We will be running a Twitter Feed before/during and after the event - you can catch up on the happenings at #ttphangout

See you all on Friday :)

turning the pages online bookclub

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