Friday 11 October 2013

Sewing FOs :)


Craftsy Sewing With Knits FO

I think this must be my first sewing FO that I am really proud of. Not only does it feel amazing, but I am thrilled how it turned out as this is my very first hoodie that I have ever sewn!

Craftsy sewing courses

I lined the hoodie because I felt that the fleece was a bit too thin. I was a bit nervous about this step but it turned out quite well.

I double stitched the seams and hems in white thread for a contrast.

seams craftsy course

Sewing with knits Meg McElwee

I loved how the cross over at the top of the hoodie turned out, though I was a bit nervous as I had to sew over 5 layers of material, but my trusty machine did that without a hitch.

Sewing With Knits - Craftsy

Until now I have always found sewing a little frustrating and patterns a bit unclear, but that is over thanks to Meg McElwee and her amazing Craftsy Course - Sewing With Knits

Online Sewing Class

This course includes 5 basic wardrobe patterns - a hoodie, T-shirt (2 versions), Shorts and Pants, a Surplice Dress and a skirt pattern.

An added extra of this course is how to dunk-dye your fabrics.

These patterns can be changed to suit your needs and with Meg's step-by-step video help I am sure to be making myself a whole new wardrobe! I already have orders from hubby and Jas for their own take on this pattern ;)

What I love about this Craftsy course is that it is available to me Lifelong, so I will be able to revisit it in the future should I need to.

The hoodie is my first project to be completed, and can't wait for tomorrow as I will be starting on project 2 - the T-Shirt :) Watch this space!

I can only warmly recommend this course to all of you out there who find sewing with knits a little daunting, or for those of you looking for a great resource for some wardrobe basics!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend

I will be sharing this with all my lovely Friday Ladies

Online Sewing Class
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  1. LOVE that hoodie and it looks super soft.

    1. Hi WonderWhyGal,
      Thanks, it is wonderfully soft and warm, great for the snowfall we have just had :)
      Have a great weekend.

  2. I love hoodies, and this one is in my favorite color too! Very well done ;)

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you, it is one of my top fav colours right now too!
      Have a super weekend.

  3. Looks amazing, congratulations! I've found it really hard with Craftsy because of the issue of some of the courses not allowing access to things more than once. I may have a look at this one....*wanders over*

    1. Hi Corrie,
      Thanks :)
      I haven't had that problem with my Craftsy courses so far, I hope you come right.
      Have a fantastic weekend.

  4. That is brilliant, I love it. I wish I was that brave, I would love to sew some clothing for myself, not just the kids!


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