Tuesday 8 October 2013

Top 5 Affordable, yet Great Gifts for New Home Owners - A Guest Post

Today I would like to warmly welcome Ruth for a visit.

If you have a loved one who has recently moved into a new home, you’re probably thinking about what you can get them as a gift. You want to give them something meaningful that they can put to good use, but the possibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. Just what is the best option? To help you choose the perfect gift, we’ve put together some suggestions that new home lovers will adore.

Champagne flutes

A new home is a very good excuse to celebrate, and champagne flutes are a fabulous present that makes sure it’s done in style. Make sure that you buy at least one for every person living in the home, and include a bottle of bubbly with your gift to make it extra special.

Kitchen essentials hamper

When you move into a new home, it’s so easy to forget about all the little things that you’ll need. With a bit of creativity, you can put together a hamper that will mean the new homeowner never has to make a last minute dash to the corner shop. Think condiments, dry goods, cleaning products, and a few little luxuries such as chocolates. This gift is easy to put together and can be adapted for all budgets, yet really shows that you’ve put some thought into it.

Framed photographs

Personal items such as photographs are what make a house a home. If you have some treasured memories with the homeowner, get them mounted in an attractive frame that compliments their colour scheme.

Shopping vouchers

Some people think that shopping vouchers are the easy way out and lack imagination, but this really isn’t the case. If you don’t know what someone already has and hasn’t got, vouchers can indeed be the best option. Choose a shop that you think will appeal to their personal tastes, and give your gift card in a pretty envelope. It’ll be appreciated just as much as any other gift!


Flowers bring life and colour to a new home, and make a lovely gift. Choose a simple glass vase to present them in, meaning that your present can continue to be enjoyed long after the flowers have died. If you choose one of these gifts, you really can’t go far wrong. They all provide a touch of something special in a new home, and are bound to be loved by your friends and family. Do you like to give a gift when someone you know moves house? What do you think are the best options? 

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