Wednesday 9 October 2013

Craftsy Sewing and Ripping Back

craftsy sewing

The hat that I started last week does not seem to have grown at all - I can tell you why.

This is take 2! 

My new favourite pastime seems to be ripping back :(

After getting a little further last week, I checked the pattern to see if it was okay, and because I had been looking briefly at the patterning at the beginning of each row I assumed it was correct (I mean of course it is going to be correct on the first couple of pattern rounds! DUH!) So when I checked the middle and ends of the row patterns, I found out that they were horribly off, so bad that I could not let that go through as any kind of project I would complete!

So I did what I am getting quite good at lately, I ripped back. 

Now I am watching the patterning like a hawk and so far so good :)
I think the pattern is so pretty, and I love the colour. 

I am hoping to have this hat finished by the end of the week as on Monday it is back to school again. And with a weather forecast for snow tomorrow - yes, snow can you believe it - I want to start cranking out some winter woolies!

drops alpaca

My material for the my hoodie arrived in the post yesterday, I am so excited! 

Craftsy Sewing With Knits
Online Sewing Class

As soon as I am finished this post, this is what I plan to be doing for the rest of today! I am loving this course (Sewing With Knits), I am watching it again for the second time and am finding it even more informative the second time around.

Hubby loves the fleece when it arrived and has been nosing through my online LYS to see which colours he would like a hoodie in should I succeed with this project.

My only problem that I am having is trying to source some of the materials. I went in to a local material shop yesterday in search of some clear elastic to be told the have never heard of such a thing! 

To be quite honest, I didn't find the experience in the shop to be one I would like to repeat! In S.A. all the material sales personnel were so wonderfully helpful and helped me come up with the perfect material for each project I wanted to sew. This is not the case here, I felt like I was a bother by asking the few questions I did have :(

Considering the prices of material are so astronomically expensive here you would think the people working there would be grateful for every possible client walking through the door, apparently I am wrong in thinking that! 

From now on it is online ordering all the way for me, I would rather deal with the computerized voice at the other end of the line should I need to ask some questions than with the service I received yesterday! (sorry for venting)

Some questions for my European visitors:

Are prices of material just as expensive in your country?
Where do you buy your material needed?
Do you know of some great online resources that would ship my way?

To my South African visitors, love your Dubai Center and don't ever let it close, there is nothing like it over here!!!

Talking of the orient, meet my latest creation - Oriental Dream. A wonderfully fragrant bar that transports you to the orient. It is available in my online store for pre-ordering and will be available for shipping by mid-November.

handmade soap oriental dream

How has your week been thus far?

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I will be sharing this post over with all my lovely Wednesday Ladies :)

Online Sewing Class
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