Wednesday 16 October 2013

Wednesday Fun....

Basque Hat

I am just about done with my Basque Hat for Jas and have just about 10 more rows on it until it is complete. I still love this project and love the patterning! I will show it to you again this Friday :)

Basque Hat 108-3 Drops

My next project will also be a stash buster and it will be a pair of HiyaHiya socks which is a super KAL happening over on Ravelry at the moment. The socks look great and I can't wait to get stuck into them later on today. Are any of you taking part in this KAL?

Reading wise: I haven't got any single book I am reading at present, but do have a lot on my bedside table that are getting a good look through right now.

you are what you eat

They are:

You Are What You Eat book and Cookbook by Gillian McKeith
and Healthy Plants which is great non-fictional reading!

I hope to be picking up some light reading soon as I still have 5 books to go to reach my book-challenge total and I do want to crack that this year :)

If you are considering taking part in this year's Secret Santa Handmade Swap, you have until Friday 18th October to sign up, thereafter the event is closed to new participants. I do hope you will be joining us it is so much fun :).

Don't forget to join us this Friday for our online Book-club event. We (Well, I will definitely be here ;)) will be reviewing and discussing "Light Between Oceans" If you have read this book please feel free to join us in this Live Hangout. You can find more information HERE

If there is a book that you would like to see read, please add it to the January choices entry below which will be added to the selection and  voted on at the hangout. You can add your choice even if you don't take part in the hangouts but have an idea for a great title that could be read - I would be grateful for all input :)

Tomorrow I will be sharing a "Yarny" craft with you on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party so do come by and visit, I would love to see all your crafts from this week :)

I will be sharing this post with all my lovely Wednesdays ladies.
See you soon.


  1. Hi Natalie. That hat looks amazing! fantastic color. Have you had snow yet? we got 10 cm at the weekend, made a huge mess of our prune trees!

    1. Hi Emma,
      Yes we did on Thursday, so much so that I haven't been very motivated to go into the garden at the moment! Did you manage to get all your crops inside?
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi Natalie. Deine Mütze wird wunderbar. Was für ein schönes Muster. Liebe Grüße Sabine.

    1. Hallo Sabine,
      Vielen Dank :) War auch schön zum stricken, schon ein von mein lieblings Projekte!
      Danke fürs Besuch.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Andee,
      Thank you so much, it was well worth ripping back as now it looks much better :)

  4. We can already appreciate that the hat is going to be gorgeous...and can´t wait to see the end result :-)

  5. The mossy color of that hat is just perfect for the pattern!

    1. Hi Beth,
      Thanks so much, it is rather nice. The last one I knit was in a much darker green, this time you can really appreciate the pattern :)
      Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Natalie, your hat is gong to be gorgeous, I look forward to seeing it when it is done. Have a fantastic weekend.


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