Friday 18 October 2013

Turning the Pages Online Hangout - Light Between Oceans

Welcome back to this month's Turning The Pages Hangout.

The hangout will go live at 9:30pm Central European Time (3:30pm EDT).

We will be discussing "Light Between Oceans"

If you have read this book, feel free to come  in and join in the discussion.

If you can't make the hangout, you will still be able to view the LIVE broadcast at the bottom of this post.

Once the Event is Live and there are still available spots you will be able to join the event by directing your browser to the URL that will be available below the video screen (the video screen and the URL will only be available in this post 15 minutes before the event goes on air)

To be sure that you receive an invitation to be included in the event, please add yourself to the list of "Yes" attendees on the Event Page.

I will be opening the doors of the event at 9:00pm CEST (3:00pm EDT) and will invite all the attendees first. At 9:15pm CEST (3:15pm EDT) I will invite the "Maybe" attendees and then at 9:20pm CEST (3:20pm EDT) I will open the doors to the public.

To make sure you secure your spot for the event you will need to arrive early!
I cannot reserve spots and the event will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Be sure to bring with you:
Book discussion questions if you have any

Join the Chat: Click HERE

P.S. As I would like to have the upcoming 3 month's titles always known, we need to decide on a title for January to add to the list. 

Please take a moment and add a title that you would like to see us read in January 2014 below.

See you later
P.S. Join the Twitter feed: #ttphangout

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