Sunday 6 September 2015

Fall Fests

Open ended Card Weaving

On Saturday we had our annual Fall Festival at our institution.
I was responsible for a "Open Weaving" event and decided to get some Tablet-weaving warps ready for the visitors to try.

All the warps were very simple 10 - 14 card variations.
I made two open ended, back-strap versions of warps, two on inkle looms and one version where I incorporated the cards into a warp on my rigid heddle to show that it is possible to create patterns in normal warps by simply adding cards :)

I also got to try out my "Rotating Wall" creation (See above) - a plank with evenly spaced hooks to place the card warp spinners on. I was thrilled that it worked exactly as I had hoped it would, so much so that I really got quite excited to see it untangle the warp all by itself :)

tablet weaving on an inkle loom

card weaving 101

I do apologize for the blurry photos, by the time I took these it was later in the day and I was already knackered!

I let the visitors go wild and not necessarily follow the sequence of 4 forward, 4 back or 8 forward 8 back, so they could get a feel for what the warp was doing. Those who tried it loved it :)

card weaving on rigid heddle

tablet weaving ashford rigid heddle

For those of you interested in learning more about Card-Weaving / Tablet-Weaving, I have just released a "How-To" Manual on how to create a warp and get weaving.

You can find my Manual in my Side Bar or Below for purchase through my Craftsy store.

There is a pre-requisite that you have a little weaving knowledge and that you understand how to warp.

I am available to help you via email should you have any questions.

Have fun weaving!

Citydisc 728x90

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