Friday 4 September 2015

Friday FO Fun


Craftsy Course sew pajamas

I have managed to sew a pajama set for Jas.
These are a bit boring to be quite honest and I will be making her another set soon.

As this was more of a "test" sew I am okay with the outcome.

lutterloh 256-104

The 3/4 sleeved top I made from a Lutterloh pattern (Supp 256/105) and the pants from this Craftsy Course (affiliate Link - thank you :))

I didn't have enough fabric for long pants so I ended up making the shorty pant version which she will definitely need come winter LOL!!! 
I guess she can still wear them this autumn as long as it stays warm enough, but it was worth the practice.

Anyway, I will be pursuing this sewing adventure over the next couple of weeks and will let you know how it goes!

Have you finished anything this week?
Do share your wonderful efforts below :)

See you soon

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