Friday 11 September 2015

Friday FO Fun

Drops Nepal
Garnstudio Nepal

This week I have another cap on show for you.
It too is a festive gift, but as hubby was at home most of last week, I couldn't continue on his project so I started on another one.
This is a gift for Kay.

garnstudio 165-21

It is a Garnstudio Pattern - This one to be exact :)
I used the exact materials that they did for their pattern, same colours, same yarn (Drops Nepal)

Pros: Knitted up incredibly fast! I had this cap off the needles and sewn up within 24 hours.
The yarn is delightful to work with!

Cons: I ran out of black! Even though I bought as much as they stipulated in the pattern I could not complete the cap in black as they instruct and as I noted that they wanted me to make the pom pom also out of black yarn I left my little rest of about 30cm to add a couple of black effects to the pom pom instead.
I ended up finishing the cap in the beige tones and I actually prefer it that way :)

What did you manage to complete this week?

Feel free to share your FOs of this week below :)
See you soon.

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