Wednesday 16 September 2015


Wednesday WIP

This week has been busy, but fun!
As you can see in the above photo, there is a lot of new goodies included, so let me get right into my Projects for this week :)
under the same sky swf
This is the most amazing yarn, and the coolest pattern to knit!!!
This is the beginnings of my Under The Same Sky Shawl from Swiss Wulle Festival
I am totally in love with this Project! The yarn is to die for, it is gorgeously soft and just glides through your fingers when knitting, and the pattern Looks reasonably complicated but it is such a wonderfully easy repeat and definitely worth recommending to those who would like to try a Shawl, but are a Little unsure if they could get through it in one Piece!
As I mentioned last week, this pattern is the official KAL Shawl of the Festival which is happening in October and when I opened the parcel it came in I was nicely suprised!

The yarn came with a wonderful printed copy of the pattern and an awesome Project bag, which I will be sure to take with me whereever I go!
swiss wulle festival 2015
Talking of the Festival, I have had, and will be having some incredible interviews and giveaways throughout the next couple of weeks as an introduction to this super cool Event.
If you missed the giveaway interviews of the last two days you can enter them HERE and HERE (open Worldwide :))
Be sure to visit next week for another great Giveaway opportunity too!
zigzagular socks
Next up, my Zigzagular socks.
They are growing nicely too and I am just about to create the heel.
I will be using a "Boomerang" heel for these socks instead of a usual Heel Flap because I think it will look nicer.
These are the only two Projects I am actively busy on right now.
I have finished another which I will share with you all on Friday, and Hubby's cap is still lying in hiding as Hubby has hurt his back and is at home right now!
These lovelies arrived in my postbox today :)
This is another very talented Swiss Lady who has a sock yarn subscription that happens four times a year, so I decided to try it out :) The parcel comes as a suprise, which I love! These yarns belong to her autmun selection and are hand-dyed.
I am not sure what I will be making with these two, but think they may look good together, what do you think? 
Reading wise: I am still busy with my latest title, but have also received my "The Sewing Book" which looks amazing! I haven't had enough time to look through it yet, but will let you know when I do.
I will be sharing this post with all my weekly creative friends so do drop by there for some great Inspiration!
Good luck with the Giveaway :)
See you soon


  1. The socks are looking gorgeous and look at all that lovely yarn!

    1. Hi Lucy,
      Thank you very much, I too am liking the way they are turning out :)
      Have a great weekend.


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