Wednesday 30 September 2015

Not just Under the Same Sky - Under the Weather!

Today is going to be a very brief post unfortunately as I am feeling rather poorly :(
I somehow never manage to come away from the changing seasons without the sniffles, and this year is no different.

Well it is different in the fact that I don't have time to be sick and I will be heading right under the covers after this post to get myself back to normal for Friday!

As you may recall I am going to the Swiss Wulle Festival on Friday and will be joining all of the lovely people selling, teaching and organizing the event for the pre-festival party and then on to the festival itself on Saturday - so I need to be better otherwise it will be a real drag, sniffing and shivering!

So let me update you on my shawl.
I was hoping to have it finished before the festival but I am guessing that is no longer really a very realistic goal. If I feel better by tomorrow who knows, fingers crossed!

I am however really on the homestretch - I have started on the wave-edging which has the least stitches involved and grows really quickly :)

I do look forward to being able to wear this gorgeous shawl and hope to show you it in it's full glory either on Friday or next week.

Reading wise: I am still busy with last week's book :)

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Good Luck!

I will be sharing this post with all of my creative weekly friends.
See you soon.


  1. Feel better soon. It sounds like you have a fun filled weekend coming up. You need to be well for that!

  2. Get well soon! We had the flu race around our house this week and it is never fun to be feeling under the weather. Your shawl is beautiful, such perfect knitting! :-)

  3. Oh I hope you are feeling better and well on the way to finishing the shawl.

  4. Aw no, hopefully you feel better soon! I get that too when the weather changes, I've been dosing up on vitamins lately to try and avoid getting ill! The shawl looks gorgeous, very pretty stitch :)


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