Wednesday 9 September 2015

Triple Project Fun and Awesome News!!


This week I have quite a bit to tell you all so let me get right on in!

Let me start by telling you what is on my needles this week:

These are growing nicely although I have only managed another two repeats since last week.

I am loving the patterning going on, which makes them a really easy, enjoyable knit :)

zigzagular socks drops fabel


Hubby's Cap hasn't grown since last week as he has been with me most of the time so I have had to knit on other projects whilst he has been here :)

142-10 Drops Karisma

This is the beginning of a new cap for Jas.
I am knitting this cap in Drops Karisma in the colours suggested, because she wanted it that way!

I have managed to finish a cap for Kay over the last week and will share it with you all on Friday.

And now for the Awesome news!!!!

Most of you out there doing the weekly yarn along all live in countries where it is normal to have annual yarn festivals that you get to go and drool over all the gorgeous handmade fluffiness! *Envy*

Well, I don't happen to live in one of those countries and I was beginning to contemplate going on a trip the next time I saw one that tickled my fancy just so I could experience the wow of it all!

But now I don't have to!!!
Why not you ask?

Well because we are having an amazing Wool festival ourselves - in Switzerland - in October - SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

For all of you out there in Switzerland or visiting Switzerland on the 3 - 4th October it would be amazing if you would visit and support this wonderful team of ladies to make this event become a regular annual happening.

To introduce you to some of the amazing things we will be getting to see and experience there, I will be interviewing some of the wonderful people involved in this incredible event over the next two weeks - so be sure to come back as there will be AWESOME giveaways and wonderful goodies to drool over from the start :)

Let me begin by whetting your appetite :)

Under the same sky

Look at this beautiful shawl!
Don't you just want to knit it straight away?

I do - and I hope to have cast on by Friday at the latest :)

This is the official "Swiss Wulle Festival" Shawl

It started on our national day - 1st August - and will run as a KAL until the last day of the festival which is on the 4th October 2015.

The pattern is available in English, German or French and the kit comes in one of these beautiful collections of Siidegaarte, Siide-Fideel (Silk/Merino Blend -fingering) Blue, Red, or Green

Swiss Wulle Festival

I have opted to knit this shawl in the green combo and will fill you in on the lushness of it all when I receive my kit soon.

Are any of you out there knitting this shawl or have you knitted it already?
Will you be attending the Swiss Wulle Festival?

Don't forget to come back next week to read all about it :)

I am sharing this post with all my wonderful creative friends so do pop over there for some great inspiration!

See you soon

swiss wulle festival


  1. Exciting news for you, hope the festival is all that you wish it to be.

    1. Hi mamasmercantile,
      Yes, I can't wait for it to happen, it will be good no matter what! The ladies have put so much love and effort into this event it can only be a success!
      Thanks so much for your visit.

  2. I most definitely would go to Swiss Wulle and meet up with you! But I'm not in Switzerland on th 4th and 5th of October. Is'nt this a shame? Hopefully it will be an annual festival. Do you happen to know anything?

    1. Hi Regula,
      That is a shame! It would have been lovely to meet up with you there :(
      I am hoping it will become an annual event and that is why it is so important to try and helps them get it off the ground! Over the next two weeks I will be sharing some of the amazing things that one will be able to find a this event - from courses (english and german) to handmade yarn and other delights!
      Could I ask you to possibly like their FB page ( and perhaps help spread the word? The more the merrier :)
      Thank you so much

  3. Oh how exciting about the festival. I love the patterning on your socks.


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