Wednesday 2 September 2015

Time for Festive Planning

wip wednesdays

This week I have finally started knitting some new projects and plan to cast on a couple more over the next while.

Once September hits, I tend to start to create projects in a bid to have them all ready for under the tree in a couple of months (16 Weeks to be exact!) and this year has been no different!

To this end I received my lovely box of fluffy goodness at the end of last week and have already dived in to the first project.

christmas knitting

I have decided to keep other projects going as well as the festive knitting so that I can make some things for myself (yes, I am feeling a little selfish right now) which I have been eyeing and wanting to start for a while.

So without further ado - Here are the projects on my needles right now:

zigzagular socks drops fabel

These are my zigzagular socks.
This pair is such a fun pattern to knit and I am enjoying the project very much.

zigazagular socks

They are part of my entry into the SAL that Libby is hosting over on Ravelry this month. 

I am also planning on doing some sewing for myself as well as knitting myself a shawl, either one of Libby's designs to begin with or another I have in my queue right now.

I would like to knit Libby's Mindful Shawl but still need to play with gauge (not my strong point) and I can't decide on the yarn to use.

Maybe you can help? 

These are the two yarns I was thinking about:

Drops Lace (which is grey but exquisitely soft - it is a combo of Baby Alpaca and Mulberry Silk) and Regia Sock (which has a wonderful mint colour to it).

Which one would you pick?

drops Fabel and Alpaca

drops 135-16

This is my first festive gift and it is a cap for hubby.
It is a Drops pattern and I am knitting it in Drops Alpaca and Fabel together.
It is delightfully squishy and seems to grow quite quickly.

I am hoping to have the next festive knit on the needles by next week, so watch this space :)

Reading: I have finally finished my book on Beethoven which gave me a really good look at who he was, which made for some interesting reading. I did enjoy the title, it just took forever to finish :)

I have now started to read "The House at the End of Hope Street".
I haven't read enough to form an opinion yet but will let you know once I do.

Well, I am off to knit and create but not before I visit all my creative friends and see what they have been up to!

I have a Finished Object to share with you this Friday, so do drop by and link your FOs for this week too :)

See you then


  1. I think you may have a hard time knitting the Mindful shawl if you go with the Lace yarn. It's so much thinner than fingering weight that I think it will give you problems. The Regia should work for you though. I think that yarn will look amazing in that pattern as well.

    1. Hi Kelly thanks for the tip :) I had planned on holding the lace double as the meterage would be enough and it would work as a 4 ply - well that is what I had planned in theory at least, if it would work would be a different story :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. I say go for whatever yarn calls you loudest!

    1. Hi kathy b,
      I agree with you, I think it will be the lace. Time will tell :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love your socks and I would go for the grey, but that is on looks alone!

    1. Hi Lucy,
      I am definitely leaning towards the grey myself, and that is because of the divine feel of the yarn :)
      Thanks for your visit.

  4. September wakes the knitting mood. However, today it's another day of more than 30 degrees. Hurray, a very long summer. Nonteless, I'm knitting. :-) Have a nice week! Regula

    1. Hi Regula,
      I agree, September kickstarts my knitting mood too :) And sooo many cool projects on the horizon!
      With your temps you are obviously not in this country, are you still away?
      Thanks for visiting.


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