Monday 21 September 2015

Sidispinnt - Here to Visit (with International Giveaway) :)

Today I would like to warmly welcome Sidi into our midst.
She is another great Vendor attending the upcoming Swiss Wulle Festival and she has popped in today to tell us a little about herself and her gorgeous yarns and other projects.

So Sidi, please tell us a little about yourself and what drew you to your craft?

My name is Asita, but I have been known as Sidi for the longest time. I am 32 years of age and work in a Bookshop through the week.
I became a yarn addict when I was 16, and I remember this so well because it was a book that moved me - The Mists of Avalon. Inside the book the women spin for many a page and I wondered to myself what that must be like?!
I went to my mother with my question and she had a huge 70's hand-spindle, a remnant from her hippie days, and on this she taught me how to pre-daft.

spinning wheel

Through surfing on the internet, my urge to get better at spinning grew and at the age of 25 I visited my first spinning wheel course.
I was totally taken in by this technique and continued my development in this field by studying to become a yarn designer in 2011 which I completed successfully in 2013. 

Since then I have opened my small studio where I sell mainly spinning tools as well as hand-dyed fibers and yarns. I also have this assortment available in my online store.

Obviously the craft that goes hand-in-hand with my spinning is knitting!

I am amazed at how much better I have become at this craft over the last two years. I went from simple plain stitch to complicated lace, cable-work and even my own designs! - Thank you Youtube and Ravelry :)

Who are you most inspired by and why?

There is a story of the Orenburg shawl that always pushes me forward to enhance my skills.
The story tells of a young girl who spins with a Russian supported spindle.
She learns to spin so finely that she finally manages to spin and knit her wedding shawl that is so fine it can be pulled through her wedding ring.
It is this story that always makes me try new challenges and excel at them.


What is the one craft tool you couldn't be without?

A couple of years ago I would have said the spindle.
Now, it would definitely be my knitting needles. Knitting is so practical, I don't leave the house without my knitting!

Are there designers/artists who have inspired you along the way?

Oh a couple!
I am a huge fan of Joij Locatelli, Alicia Plummer, Melanie Berg (Mairlynd), Justyna Lorkovska (Leteknits), and Alana Dakos (nevernotknitting).
All these women are incredible designers!

What are your inspirations right now?

Nature always inspires me. Sometimes on my way to work I may see something, a colour or a form, that takes my breath away, and I get to stand there a moment and appreciate it!

I am extremely excited to be a part of the "Swiss Wulle Festival" this year and am privileged to be able to teach 4 German courses at this year's event:

Hand-spindling for beginners
Spinning cotton
Spinning with the Supported Spindle
Spinning noble yarns

Besides that I will also have my own stand where my darling sister will assist visitors when I am not there with my hand-dyed yarns and fibers, spinning equipment and knitting goodies.

Where else can one find you in the internet?

You can find me here:

Thank you so much for your visit in Marigolds' Loft Sidi :)

For those of you interested in trying out some of Sidi's Yarn, she has a special on her MerinoSeide until the end of September. 

Enter the code: "christmasalready15" at the checkout.

If you are attending the Swiss Wulle Festival you can enter that at checkout to fetch your yarn from Sidi there.

Sidi has been so kind to offer these two gorgeous skeins of her hand-dyed, hand-spun Merino Singles to one lucky winner.
(open internationally)

These are the colours Lagune and Ozean 
each of them are 100g / 350m

To enter the Giveaway please use the Rafflecopter below.

You can earn extra Entry points by re-tweeting each day :)
Good Luck to all!

Remember to invite your friends and help support our local and international Handmade Markets :)

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  1. I look forward to meet you in Zug ...

    1. Hi Eviz
      I can't wait! It's gonna be so great :D


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