Saturday 6 October 2012

Fair Isle Pattern soon to be Revealed and Give-Away

Yes, I know there is a mistake in this piece :(.
Thankfully a test knit always shows you the problem areas, so I am not complaining.
I was in two minds whether I should show this image at all because of the error that jabs me in the eye each time I look at the picture. But I had to, otherwise I am talking about nothing at all. 

I am in the process of finishing this pattern (without mistakes ;)). I will be tweaking the pattern here and there, so it is probably not going to look identical to this in the finished piece, but you can sort of get the picture.

I considered that so many of you out there would like to try Fair Isle but aren't sure if you could do it, so I have designed a quick and simple pattern that you can try without too much effort, really get your needles in!! The pattern will be ready for you all to have a good look at on Monday.

If you can tell me what you think this pattern will be you could win yourself a copy of it.
Good luck, entries close on Sunday evening 7th October.
All you have to do is click on the Give-Away window below, and once you have left a comment click on the "I commented" to get yourself an automatic 2 entries. Then other options will open up for you to grab yourself extra entry points.


  1. I'd say it is a head band. :-) Haven't found the mistake yet so it can't be too serious.

  2. I'm in!!! that'll be great for a cardigan

  3. It's going to be pretty whatever it turns into!! Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)



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