Sunday 7 October 2012

Visitors, Weather and Give-Away Extended

This weekend has been rather busy. 

The weather is definitely "Autumny". This morning I opened my shutters to find the fog just rolling in!

Don't you just love this kind of weather...

Look at our adorable visitor:

Hubby went for a walk this morning and this stray kitty followed him all the way home. She has quite a bad limp and so she is now lying on the sofa recuperating after being well fed. and given a good dose of Arnica. She is too adorable and purrs at everything...except our home cat, they haven't really hit it off just yet!

Besides that, I have been working really hard on my Fair Isle Pattern, and am just about finished. Because it isn't quite done I am extending the Give-Away until the 10th October 2012. As soon as the pattern is finished I will post an image for you to see, at the latest by Wednesday.

If you want to win yourself a pattern all you have to do is leave a comment below to say what you think the possible pattern will be:

Click on the Give-Away window below, and once you have left a comment click on the "I commented" to get yourself an automatic 2 entries. Then other options will open up for you to grab yourself extra entry points.

Good Luck!

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