Thursday 25 April 2013

4KCBWDAY4 - Colour Reivew

I think I have progressed from a year ago where I definitely was into the blues, browns, greys. Today I find myself being much more open to a wider colour spectrum when it comes to possible projects.

Last years Blog week gave me quite a shock when I proceeded to take photos of all my Projects completed and to see the colours that I generally pick.

After last years experience, I think it definitely has made me consider colours more before I purchase them, just because I would like to bring a little colour into my dreary one-coloured project world.

Did I achieve it to bring a little more colour into the things I make?

Here are some of the projects I have completed this year.

4KCBW Drops

Here is the image I posted last year:


Definitely more choices of colour, fibre choices and I feel an obvious growth in my pattern style!
See you tomorrow.

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  1. That is great to see the comparison from last year!

    1. Hi Dahle,
      It is great to be able to look back, quite a nice gauge I think :)
      Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. I really enjoyed your post! I can see the pops of color you have used this year:)


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