Sunday 21 April 2013

Blog Workshop Here I Come :)

The Blog Workshop #TBW

My goal for this year is to try and move towards being a full-time blogger, as I love what I do and would love to be able to use my little place in the www to create a viable income for myself.

Up until now I have always been self-teaching, trying to keep up, and learn everything and anything there is out there to help me in this endeavor.

As most of you out there know, I live in Europe, German-speaking Europe, and as such I am always taking note of all these amazing seminars and workshops that the rest of the English speaking world can take advantage of and I always have to sigh, as firstly I am a mom, and secondly I don't have a pot-of-gold sitting on my doorstep that can enable me to fly all over the world to take part in all of these amazing seminars.

Well, I have found an answer to my searching....

The Blog Workshop

A Blog Workshop Conference that I can attend without having to leave the comfort of my own home!

It sounds exciting doesn't it?

The Blog Workshop is a 3 Day online Conference for Bloggers and Vloggers.

"The Blog Workshop is an informational hub and conference for bloggers and vloggers of all ages, niche’s and levels of experience.  The blogging world is an industry that is constantly changing; there is always new information to learn and share.  We would like to be a major catalyst in bringing the blogging/vlogging community together."

The 3 day Conference covers some really great topics, as you can see from the Conference Agenda:

#TBW Blog Workshop Agenda

The best thing is that all of the conferences are recorded, so you can watch the conferences you miss at your own convenience.

Meet some of the Speakers:

What is the cost of this 3 Day Conference you ask?

The 3 Day Conference costs $175, which is a really great price when you consider what you will be getting. 

  • Access to all the conference topics, 
  • A conference workbook, 
  • A resources list and 
  • A conference Tee.
  • You get to take part in some amazing Giveaways!!

Unanswered Questions? FAQ


I have an amazing offer for the readers of my Blog. If you follow the link below and give in the Discount Code: TBW25HURRY you will get yourself a $25 saving on the already modestly priced Conference!

#TBW Blog Workshop

Hurry, book your spot today! This Discount Coupon expires on 26th April!

Places for this conference are limited and bookings close on May 10th.

I look forward to sharing with some of you who will be visiting the Conference with me.

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