Sunday 28 April 2013

4KCBWDAY7 / 4KCBWEC - Looking Forward Plus Free Pattern

Well, Blog Week has come to an end for another year, what fun it has been. Once again I got to visit so many new blogs, all so interesting and wonderful.

Looking forward - I am hoping that next year I will sharing more of my spinning attempts with you all!

To round off todays post I wanted to show you the completed Felted Bee Bag - My souvenir of the 2013 blog week.


4KCBWDAY7 Pattern Giveaway

4KCBWDAY7 - felted bag

pattern giveaway felted bag

4KCBWDAY7 Giveaway patterns

It needed to be tweaked a little, and I did need to felt it twice (hence the definitions of the bee are not as prominent as they were after the first felting), but I am quite happy with the final product.
I am sorry the images are not as clear as I would have hoped to have them, but the sun is gone - feels like we are back to winter AGAIN!! :(

I have created a PDF of this pattern and am offering this it as a Giveaway to 10 of my wonderful readers out there.

I have actually decided to cancel the Giveaway and allow you all to have the pattern should you want it. 
I will be posting the completed pattern tomorrow - Monday, so come back and grab your copy then :)

Want to make your own bag?
Come back tomorrow and get it :)

P.S. Did you hear about my Sponsored Mother's Day Giveaway?

sponsored giveaway 4KCBWDAY7


  1. That is a nice piece I like it, and I know that it took a lot of work. New follower from weekend blog hop. Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  2. Hi! New follower via Social Sunday!


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