Saturday 27 April 2013

Sponsored Mother's Day Giveaway!

Make this Mother's Day unlike any other!

I would like to offer something extraordinary this Mother's Day.

There are many cash Giveaways running out there, but I would like to make a Giveaway with a difference.

I am looking for some wonderfully talented people out there, those of you who create patterns, are knitters and crocheters, any craft blogger who would be interested in helping me get this event off the ground. 

This will be an internet based Giveaway with no postal involvement (So no yarns or 3 Dimensional Gifts)

What would you have to do to take part?

The Giveaway will include a Cash Gift as well as a Pattern Pot - which depending on the size of the kitty will be offered to between 1 and 3 winners.
You, as the sponsor, have the option to either sponsor the event with up to 5 of your own patterns (Well-written PDF only) and/or offer a PayPal cash gift. (If you have another idea which you think would be great to include please email me)

All money collected from sponsors will be entered into the Giveaway!

I am only offering 10 Sponsor spots for this Giveaway - You can be included with as little as a pattern or a $5 Paypal Gift.

The benefits for you the sponsor:
  • I will add you to my sidebar for the month of May
  • You will get the Rafflecopter Giveaway embed code to add to your blog so your visitors can enter on your own blog
  • I will introduce you and what you sponsored on the Giveaway Page
  • You will get the extra exposure from all of the other sponsors and myself who will spread the news through the social web!

To grab your spot for this event, you will need to fill in this form and get it off to me asap. I will close the entries as soon as I reach the 10 person limit or on the 2nd May which ever comes first.

This Giveaway will hopefully take place from the 5 May - 13 May

Once I have received your form, I will contact you for all your blog details :)
I can't wait to see what we will have to offer - I hope you are just as excited as I am?

Chat soon :)

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