Tuesday 9 April 2013

Upcoming Product Review - CafePress

cafe press

Have you heard of CafePress?

No, well let me tell you a little about them.

CafePress is the world's premier customization engine that allows it's users to create and design unique custom products. 

In May I will be reviewing some of their merchandise and I will be placing my order today on some really cute, unique goodies.

It hasn't been easy to choose as they have a variety of amazing stuff. Not only can you choose what they have available, but you can create and customize your own goodies which they will make for you - how cool is that?

There are Mugs for any occassion, Fun Shirts, and if you don't find anything there that suits you, you can go ahead and create your own!

mugs shirts bags cafepress
Design your own products at CafePress.com!

Do keep posted as you will have an opportunity to take part in a super Giveaway for these products next month :)


  1. I love cafe press! I've gotten several t-shirts from them and was very pleased. Their customer service is awesome, too! Hubby got me t-shirt for Christmas and it ran really small - they sent me a replacement shirt and didn't even want the original one back!

    1. Hi Anke,
      I can't wait for my order to get here, I am so looking forward to seeing how my design turned out!!
      I agree with you, the folk there are so helpful and friendly, a pleasure to buy from!
      Thanks for visiting.


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