Thursday 25 April 2013

Tutorial Thursdays - Guest Post - Desk Organizers

Welcome back to this weeks Tutorial Thursday Linky Party.

Today I am going to kick off by giving the floor to my lovely guest-blogger Gina.
Gina is going to explain to you how to create some simple desk organizers :)

Take it away Gina...

If your home office is anything like a typical one it can sometimes turn in to a random collection of papers shoved into drawers and work items mixed in with personal items or bills. A great way to start tackling that clutter is to make a home for all those things that are laying helter-skelter around the room.
Cup shaped holders are a great place to keep all the change, pens, keys and other random things that accumulate on tables and counter tops. If you make a holder for everything that tends to clutter up your desk one for pens, one for keys, one for change, one for paper clips, etc. then you’ll have neat little holders for everything you need and you won’t have to go fishing through a drawer to find what you’re looking for.
And bonus when you make them yourself is that you can decide how big or small they need to be, as well as what they look like so they can match the d├ęcor of your room or stand out as accent pieces.

desk organizers

To make these you’ll need:
A quarter yard printed fabric, a quarter yard canvas and a quarter yard of felt.
To make the larger cup-shaped holder you’ll need to cut:
  • a 6 ½ inch by 15 ½ inch strip from each fabric to make the side panel
  • a 5 inch circle to make the bottom.
The make the smaller holder you’ll need to cut
  • a 5 inch x 12 ½ inch strip from each fabric
  • a 4 inch circle for the bottom.

Put your strips of fabric together with the print on the top and the felt on the bottom. Stitch across the tops (the long side). Put the ends of your strip of fabric together and stitch together down the short side to make a circle shaped strip.
Put your circles of fabric together with the print on the top and felt on the bottom. Stitch together to make one circle piece.
desk organizers

Place your side part and circles together with the printed side facing inwards. Double stitch around the perimeter, clipping or pinning as needed to make it easier to keep the fabric together as you sew.
desk organizers

Turn it right side out and Ta-da! You should have a cup shaped holder now.
These also make for great homemade gifts if your office space is already neat and tidy.

Author Bio: Gina Vasselli is a writer living in Myrtle Beach who works on behalf of an online fabric store, Fabric Street. She loves helping people find ways to spruce up their homes and lives with crafts and recipes.

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature of the DIY chalk paint. You jut keep amazing me with your generous hospitality on your blog... :)

    You rock Natalie!!!
    hugs x

    Crystelle Boutique

  2. Thanks so much for hosting! And a HUGE thank you for featuring my CD Rack Herb Garden, I'm so pleased you liked the crafting I did with the old unused rack and it is so great to see it up here on your great blog :-) Thank you!!!

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough

  3. Thanks for hosting, Natalie! And thank you also so much for the K score you gave me :-) Have a lovely day !

    With A Blast

  4. Good Morning Nathalie

    I love the little garden too. In fact I'm planting herbs today. Sun is out! Have a nice day. Regula


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